Pregame interviews: Bnb Corato-Enegan Firenze

The words of players and coaches on the upcoming game:

BNB CORATO:giulio_cadeo_basket_coach

Head Coach Giulio Cadeo: “Unfortunately we find ourselves with a lot of physical problems and that has influenced our performances. We come from a week filled with absences, and the only thing we can do about it is to get even more motivated and not hide behind an alibi. We can’t lose our composure but we have to find more energy to be ready for this game.
Firenze’s standing is not realistic, they have adjusted and I think, by the end of the regular season, they will be fighting for the top spots thanks to their technical skills.”

Guard Darren Moore: “We knew we’d find an improved team (last week’s opponents, Dinamica Mantova). We tried hard and despite playing poorly we kept the game close until the forth quarter. It was a loss that can happen and it doesn’t change anything, we are ready for the next one. Against Firenze, it will be another interesting game. We have to be focused, fight on every possession and try to concede nothing on defense.”




Head Coach Attilio Caja: “[This is a] difficult away game, against a very physical opponent. BNB has both big players playing in the paint and athletic wings. Our goal is to answer with an energetic and decisive performance. As the last one, this week also hasn’t been easy. Pazzi and Wood injuries have hindered our practices, but, as I always say, they are a part of sports. Pazzi won’t be available, while Wood’s form will have to be evaluated. Those who practiced, anyway, did it with focus and great effort.”

PG Alexander Simoncelli: “BNB is a very good team. They surprised me. Amoroso is their leader. I played with him in Piacenza, he is a player that has to feel confidence around him. They put him in the ideal situation and he is doing very well.
We need a strong performance, we must have the right aggressiveness, play balanced and stay in the game. We will deal the right blows, because this team is growing.”


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