Attilio Caja is the new head coach

Enegan Affrico has a new head coach.Enegan Attilio Caja

After Giordani’s dismissal, another loss came along for Firenze.
In Omegna, interim coach Riccardo Caimi couldn’t pull off a miracle, as the home team took advantage of a great fourth quarter to secure the win (98-81).

Swanston looked the player admired in Hungary, leading Enegan with 31 points, but it wasn’t enough to edge Mike James (32 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds, 5 steals) and Omegna.

To right the ship, the organization has decided to go for a big name: Attilio Caja.

Caja, 52, is coming from two years spent as Cremona’s head coach in Serie A. His curriculum is filled with high level experiences: from Virtus Roma (7 years) to Olimpia Milano.

“This is a new challenge – said Caja on his official introduction – and that is what drove me here. Giotti and Fruschelli showed a lot of interest in me, and pursued this deal with tenacity. […] After twenty years in Serie A, being here to give my contribution, my experience is very inspiring”.

Managing Director Luca Giotti commented on the new appointment: “We are enthusiastic to welcome Caja in Firenze. We have an important project here: we want to reach Serie A. It’s a long term objective and that is why [Caja] signed a three years deal, we want him for the long run”.

On his talk with the press, Caja added: “Enegan is a great partnership. In a period where investments are difficult, their effort is remarkable”.
He concluded: “It is a difficult situation, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but, with work and patience we will improve. Large cities like Firenze have possibilities beyond immagination”.



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