Coach Giordani pays for Enegan’s loss

Another bad night for Enegan Firenze. The win in Lucca on Thursday was expected to be a turning point for Firenze’s start of the season. Instead, on Sunday Enegan Firenze lost badly, 58-73, at home against Ferrara (4-2).


Only six games have been played and the top of the league is just two wins away for 2-4 Enegan, but against Lucca offense failure joined long discussed defensive woes.
As it always happens in these situations, the head coach pays for everybody: today Gabriele Giordani was relieved of his duties after one and a half seasons at Firenze’s helm.

Against Ferrara, only team captain Marco Pazzi showed some grit, leading all scorers with 21 points. The rest of the team looked lost on defense with missed assignments, no boxing out and rare defensive rotations as well as on offense with an ‘every man for himself’ kind of performance.

(game pics)

The game was always within Affrico’s range but it never really looked like they could win it. Enegan was unable to swing momentum to its side as every defensive stop was followed by a bad offensive possession and every basket was easily countered by Ferrara.

Hopefully Giordani’s dismissal will make everyone else responsible for future performances. He is surely paying more than what was due.
Asssistant coach Riccardo Caimi will lead this week’s practices until a new head coach will be appointed.



Enegan Firenze-Mobyt Ferrara 58-73

ENEGAN FIRENZE: Simoncelli 7 (2/2, 1/7) Wood 13 (5/12, 0/3), Swanston 8 (0/2, 2/7), Castelli (0/2, 0/1), Pazzi 21 (9/13, 1/2); Conti 4 (2/2), Cucco (0/3, 0/1), Severini 5 (2/3), Fontani (0/1), Schiano ne. All.: Giordani.
MOBYT FERRARA: Ferri 7 (2/4, 1/3), Mays 14 (3/7, 1/7), Spizzichini 7 (3/5, 0/1), Casadei 12 (4/6, 1/4), Jennings 3 (1/4); Benfatto 10 (5/8), Infanti 10 (3/5, 1/3), Andreaus 2 (1/1), Bottioni 4 (2/2), Pipitone 4 (2/2). All.: Furlani.

OFFICIALS: Belfiore, Buttinelli e Marton.
SCORE: 9-19, 28-37, 45-55.
NOTES – FG %: Firenze 20/40 from 2, 4/21 from 3; Ferrara 26/44 from 2, 4/18 from 3. Free Throws: Firenze 6/14, Ferrara 9/16. Rebounds: Firenze 33 (Wood 17), Ferrara 36 (Casadei, Jennings 8). Assist: Firenze 11 (Simoncelli 4), Ferrara 15 (Mays 6). Turnovers-steals: Firenze 15-2, Ferrara 15-8. Fouled Out: Conti. Spettatori: 400.



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