Lucca 84-88 Firenze

Finally a win. Enegan Firenze (2-3) played another close game in Lucca (2-3), but, opposite to the last two, this one ended with smiles on Florentines’  faces.brandon_wood9_firenze_enegan_recanati_pallacanestro2013

Affrico suffered another slow start, hindered by Lucca’ offensive aggressiveness and a tight zone defense.
Gabriele Giordani’s team couldn’t pass the ball in the paint nor scoring from distance; on the other hand, Lucca easily found their big men close to the basket to pull away in the first (19-8 after 8′).

Swanston’s absence from the lineup (didn’t practice with a fever during the week) put further pressure on his teammates. Giordani tried to mix his cards playing with two point guards (Simoncelli and Cucco) and Wood at the same time, but that din’t work either.
Parente, Deloach and Conger shot at will during the second quarter, stretching the lead to +18 at halftime.

The sour taste at the half was no news for Firenze, but this time the reaction was strong enough. Giordani decided to sit on the bench and leave head-coaching duties to his second, Riccardo Caimi. He didn’t say a word even during timeouts.

The message was clearly received as Enegan, on a 0-10 run, reduced the gap in the third (61-56) and moved the pressure on Lucca’s players. Simoncelli, Wood and Swanston lead in scoring, helped by Castelli’s job clearing the boards both on offense and on defense.

Affrico put themselves in the lead (65-67 with 8′ to play), before Lucca’s only reaction (77-70).

Enegan didn’t loose courage and went on another run (0-11) to regain the lead. Simoncelli (2/2 from the free throw line) and the last of Wood’s attacks straight to the rim allowed Firenze to keep Lucca at a safe distance and come away with a much needed win.

ArcAnthea Lucca-Enegan Firenze 84-88

ARCANTHEA LUCCA: Parente 13 (1/4, 2/6), Deloach 17 (4/8, 3/4), Conger 16 (5/6, 1/3), Valenti 8 (4/6, 0/1), Banti 12 (6/9, 0/1); Santarossa 7 (0/3, 1/2), Panzini 9 (2/3, 1/3), Motta, Sgobba 2 (1/2), Di Giacomo DNP. All.: Mecacci.

ENEGAN FIRENZE: Simoncelli 17 (1/4, 3/6), Wood 27 (12/14, 0/5), Severini (0/1 from 3), Castelli 9 (0/4, 1/2), Pazzi 2 (1/3); Swanston 20 (2/6, 5/8), Conti 10 (4/8, 0/1), Cucco 3 (1/2 from 3), Fontani DNP, Schiano DNP. All.: Giordani.

OFFICIALS: Beneduce, Capotorto e Tallon.
SCORING: 21-13, 47-29, 65-61.
NOTES – FG %: Lucca 23/41 from 2, 8/20 from 3; Firenze 20/39 from 2, 10/25 from 3. Free Throws: Lucca 14/21, Firenze 18/27. Rebounds: Lucca 26 (Conger 9), Firenze 35 (Castelli 12). Assist: Lucca 10 (Deloach 3), Firenze 6 (Simoncelli 2). Turnovers-Steals: Lucca 10-2, Firenze 10-1. Fouled Out: Valenti e Castelli. Spectators: 700.



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