Enegan Firenze 84-86 Dinamica Mantova

kyle_swanston_basket1_pallacanestro_2013_firenze_mantovaAnother loss for 1-2 Enegan Firenze. At PalaEstra of Siena Affrico is defeated by Dinamica Mantova (2-1). Second consecutive defeat for Firenze, pierced by the precision of Dinamica, able to build on a very precise attack the foundations of victory. Gray evening for Enegan, which pays too many lapses in defense, especially in the first half.

THE CHRONICLE – Mantova showed up without Ranuzzi , blocked by a muscle problem. Morea chose Alibegovic to start along the usual pair of Losi – Nardi. Enegan’s impact on the first quarter was again soft on defense. Nardi  distributed five assists for the wings and for Jefferson, who, under the basket, caused difficulties for both Pazzi Conti. Swanston and Castelli answered: the small farward was the most strong-willed, while Castelli was noted for his usual grit. Affrico’s problems were more on defense than offense. Immediately Giordani put Fontani in for Wood, as Mantova ran away with Pignatti ( 14-24 ).A flash of good defense was a sign of hope for Enegan at the start of the second quarter . Cucco completed the run (0-9) between the two quarters ( 23-24). Mantova, after three minutes of difficulty, restarted as soon as Firenze’s defensive intensity returned at low levels . Despite three fouls of Clement, Dinamica found a good balance with Jefferson to clean the boards and Alibegovic to shoot triples ( 4/4 from 3 range). At halftime the score was 41-49.

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Enegan looked for a different attitude to start the second half. Clearly more defense was needed. Giordani got something from his players, changing strategy on the pick and roll, helping and pressuring Mantova’s ball carrier. Dinamica started to feel the pressure of an Enegan team that even took the lead. Mantova, however, shook off the fear and continued to play effectively. The hammering from the arc continued: Dinamica accurately knows how to run the field and hit from long distance. Cucco, Castelli and Swanston kept the offensive float alive. Enegan was also unfortunate at times. Like at the end of the third, with Losi finding a half court shot that established a 4 point lead.

Enegan struggled but stayed close to Mantova until the end. The game was decided at the end. Wood made it 78-82 with a field goal from distance, Conti shortened to -2 . With 46 seconds to play, Pignatti restored two possessions between the two teams ( 82-86) . It’s not over yet . Wood, with 18 ” on the stopwatch, scored 84-86 . Losi couldn’t inbound the ball and Enegan had the chanceto win the game or send it to overtime. Castelli missed from 3f, Conti caught the offensive rebound, but the layup was blocked by Jefferson .

Enegan Florence – Dynamic Mantova 84-86

ENEGAN FLORENCE : Simoncelli 3 (1/4 from 3) , Wood 14 (4/10, 1/5), Swanston 20 (7/10, 2/3) , Castelli 18 (7/11, 1/3) , Pazzi 12 (6/11), Fontani (0/1), Cucco 7 (2/3, 1/2) , Conti 10 (5/12) , DNP Severini, Schiano. Coach: Giordani .

DYNAMIC MANTOVA : Losi 9 (0/1, 3/5), Nardi 10 (2/7, 1/2) , Alibegovic 19 (1/1, 5/7), Clemente 10 (5/9) , 19 Jefferson (9/9) ; Pignatti 12 (5/6) , Veccia 7 (2/3, 1/2) , DNP Allodi, Ranuzzi, Sissa. Coach: Morea .

OFFICIALS: Chersicla , Bonfanti and Maffei .
SCORING : 19-24 , 41-49 , 67-71 .
NOTES- percentages from the field : Florence 31/58 from 2 , 6/17 from 3; Mantova 24/36 from 2, 10/16 from 3 . Free throws : Florence 4/5, Mantua 8/13 . Rebounds: 21 Florence (Wood 7) , Mantova 30 (Jefferson 14). Assist : Florence 14 ( Wood 5 ) , Mantova 22 ( Nardi 10).




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